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Website: http://giaxetoyotavn.com/ 

I. About the Company

Ltd. Toyota An Suong (TAS) is located at the western gateway location of Ho Chi Minh City is the official dealer of Toyota Vietnam operations in the model 3S (Sales - Sales, Service - Providing services warranty, maintenance, repair professional quality Toyota, Spare parts - Provide genuine Toyota auto parts)




With a factory area of 3,000m2 and strength equipment repairs as Toyota's latest standards such as calibration for wheels with computer equipment frame dragging mobile sunny help accelerate repair, paint room drying imported from Italy quality painted surfaces. At the same time Toyota An Suong use 100% Dupont paint and paint supplies the standard manufactory.We I believe that our customers will be very relieved and happy when used cars by Toyota An Suong care

II. Vision Mission Nhin-


"To satisfy the needs of customers is a great honor for us"

With that, since its founding, Toyota An Suong always complete the goal of building a Toyota dealer of high quality, where to create the best opportunity for all members, customers community and the Toyota brand which we are represented.

We are trained, well equipped for knowledge and skills to work in a professional business environment and even in daily communication behavior; and ensure proper implementation of ethical standards, the provisions of the general laws and regulations of the particular company. From there, we can build a brand based on trust and respect for the staff always wholeheartedly join together striving to bring together a strong company more days.

As an agent for a leading brand in the world, we always uphold honesty in every action and decision as soon as work and customer service to give customers the service and products The best.

For companies growing professionalization, each member of the Toyota An Suong tries, his efforts to implement the proposed guideline and create a work environment, independent, self-conscious subject responsibility. At the same time, we are committed to continuous improvement and actively seek out the workflow smart, fast and best to create a convenient customer to Toyota An Suong. Besides, we are also constantly looking for, compensation and human resource development, improving business strength and bring satisfaction to all clients.

Go with the motto "The best way to do everything possible" to serve customers vathoa needs of customers is a great honor for us.

With a team of highly skilled technicians, factory equipment and modern services and systems providing genuine parts, Toyota An Suong guaranteed to deliver excellent service to customers. At the same time, to ensure quality of service is always best meet customer requirements and strict standards of Toyota, we often additional training and knowledge for technicians.

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