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Where can you see that a new office space, a youth cafe, a modern house which is impressive for the decorative plaques emotional applied from the picture. Painting rice but not really popular but this is a new trend and are highly competitive play chuong.viec rice in interior design and a lot of youth to stem from the need to explore new things in design their own design as well as from customers.

In the perspective of the design profession , they think about things like, theres something to keep in mind when applying rice competition in interior space ? Their opinions well worth our reference when deciding this focus on bringing art into your living space .

In our house , there are little things that we sometimes do not think about , an emotional value , a closeness of grain , a decorated war novel from rice . it's interesting that we have more in language arts living space



Rice not war itself suddenly appeared , it was variable products to life from the modern aesthetic trends giac.Tranh rice market to interior play as a lively and interesting rice vi.tranh close Vietnam culture in general and Vietnam in particular humans . in Vietnam, a new feature this special art developed during two to three years , and tends to push more and more frantic

The use of rice competition in the furniture sector , in certain aspects , like we decorated with pictures, only difference is the color , we will offer a very personal feeling for nature based nha.Tuy rice topics in controversy will lead to two results , or will be very trendy or boring quickly . Therefore, depending on circumstances to choose the theme to suit , and also to consider hanging corner to compete successfully for rice



Rice comes to competition , many people think of the white grain how can constitute war ? With the fast pace of life and diverse as today , everything revolves with dizzying speed , interior applications in increasingly diverse , not only is the familiar forms such as embroidery , lacquer , paintings oil .... Paintings of rice in this area and is also looking to apply a different light , dark or light eyes , the light or dark , rough or smooth the ... all to create feelings clearer picture rice .


                Let's change the menu for the arts in the rice grain . explore the grains of rice are combined with each other in tone is created by temperature . What could be more specific , what prompted the people of Vietnam over the grain , with grain and with different combinations , different ways of ordering .

Painting Royal Thai rice has shown its abundance of fine white ret.mau a clear, burning yellow, brown became imbued with a humble background highlighting topics such as: country, portraits , architecture, calligraphy words ... a slick surface makes the picture contrast. When touching the painting surface Rice will make people think of the true gentle elegant style of war in Vietnam in general and in particular Royal Thai rice.

                 Sign ROYAL THAI

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