iPhone 6 on Vietnam trade

Soon after Apple started selling the iPhone 6 opened, now has at least two iPhone 6 is brought to Vietnam market laptop in rows.

Smartphone market - "shop" for Lenovo

When Lenovo spent U.S. $ 2.9 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, shares of Chinese technology firms immediately fell 16%.

iPhone 5s discount laptop after Tet

In some places, the price of iPhone 5s laptop has fallen to about 14.6 to 14.7 million for both the 3 gold, white sapphire and gray.

CSS - Responsive Navigation Menu

In addition to responsive design for mobile devices, there is one new technique to create responsive navigation without necessarily using JavaScript, HTML5 language use

MVC model abdicate for MOVE

MVC (Model - View - Controller) is a software architecture and design patterns used in software engineering. It enables developers to split their applications into 3 different components Model, View and Controller.

Smartphone worth buying the Month 10/2013

With the arrival of the iPhone 5S, Moto X or Galaxy Note 3, the list of best smartphones worth buying up more and more. Here are 15 smartphones you should consider if you intend to buy a new machine.


(Dichvuwebsites) - language Web Design HTML5 and CSS3 programming is one of the top concerns of web designers. HTML5 and CSS3 is a language that makes web surfing more enjoyable.


In this brief guide you will learn how to make a menu with CSS3. Simple, clean and professional.

Curriculum, materials, study guide ebook HTML5, CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 are the next version of HTML and CSS. It adds new features to make web design easier, and make the site more vivid display to the viewer. This will be the materials, textbooks, study guides ebook HTML5, CSS3 really helpful for the beginners to learn.

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