VINATECH - Many people use Google Adwords and see the cost of several million 1 month is comfortable with good results on the Top of Google and when I tried to ask the Seo services company's price to the top 5 keywords that are stunned and dizzy with Seo price too high to maintain it monthly? So what needs to be done if we spent 1 Seo less money but is always present on the Sponsor's advertising through Google adwords Google?


According to Cuong is currently Director Seo prestigious company with years of experience, seniority Seo said, "Do not simply just paid advertising is where we see the effect. The truth about SEO and SEM are controversial, but take a look at his analysis of the actual data follows:

Although the results of SEM accounted for most of the positions of the search results page but the truth is 88% of the fall in the results click ORGANIC (Rated naturally) and only 12% of clicks falling into the funding position of the Adwords ads. and according to statistics in 2009, the US spent $ 18 billion dollars to 1.5 billion dollars SEM and SEO only.

It shows that if you put Seo services in SEO top 3 positions, the number of clicks to 4 times higher than the corresponding position of the SEM.

There is a further problem is that if your brand appear on the Organic natural position and the level of your own website is much better than having a good time on your new Google appreciated so on Organic results and when you play SEM towering up regardless of your website is very bad and it will reduce the proportion of CRO (Customer Transfer from your web click to see the scribble purchase or pay for services of you). So if you make your website Seo well, much better if you just do SEM alone. "

When your opponent is using SEM services, the level of competition increases. To be beautiful location on Google you have to pay extra money for Google. According to statistics, only 30% of users click on search engine placement SEM.

Through this analysis you have any questions about why the cost of the service is still better Seo SEM expensive or not? This article however unintended or objectionable disadvantage compared with SEM SEO campaign because if you do pull over uncertain sales, should immediately Seo can not do well in a short time and then of course you need to select the SEM to implement Internet marketing campaign by yourself!

If you are still wondering should use Seo services or using SEM services please contact us today; With the innovative active member of our campaign Seo will help you to outstrip rivals bring customers to you!

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