In some places, the price of iPhone 5s laptop has fallen to about 14.6 to 14.7 million for both the 3 gold, white sapphire and gray.

After Tet, portable iPhone 5s continued decline. At some stores, the list price for the 16 GB just fall into 14.6 million for the three colors. Compared to the time of Tet, the price of iPhone 5s were down slightly, about 300000-400000 dong. This price was close to hitting the lowest price at the time of iPhone 5's upcoming 5s (14.5 million) in the new iPhone 5s only less than half a year old.



Price iPhone 5s in a portable store in HCMC time after the Lunar New Year . Screenshot .
As representatives of Vinh Phat store Mobile , iPhone price decrease is due portable abundant sources . It is also seen as the main cause leading to price iPhone 5s portable fast and deep discounts in such a short time . " The supply of much help for easier import of goods . In addition, stores can freely choose partners have the best pricing policy . Thus , iPhone 5s price in Vietnam is considered ideal than any previous generation , "a share owners .

According to the general , iPhone 5s laptop price will be reduced by about a few hundred thousand more , before hitting the floor . " IPhone prices may continue falling down but not by the current price is nearly touching the floor . If the decline continues , the store will no longer interest " , Duc Hoa - a restaurant owner in Xa Dan Hanoi predicted .

Currently, the iPhone 5s portable products still have good sales in the market while high-end Android products running back somewhat slower sales . The reason for this is because the majority of products such as high-end Android Galaxy S4 ( 11 million) , HTC One ( 10.5 million) , Xperia Z1 ( 11.5 million) was in the final stages of product cycles . The alternative model we are expected to debut at MWC exhibition later this month .

According to the portable phone business , here are the quiet phase of the Android phone market . The best-selling model in the segment are primarily mid-range price 6-8 million. Step to about March , April , when the phones are introduced at MWC started selling out , Android phone market will continue to be active again .

Products Related to iPhone 5s , the purchase transaction , this model sold on the exchange classifieds, forums tend to spike after Tet . The sample used iPhone for sale for about 13.5 to 14 million depending quality .

According light - a very experienced hunter old technology products on the Ad page , in time and after New Year 's " golden time " to buy iPhone or old phone , because many people tend to selling machines with very good price at the moment . " Particularly with iPhone 5s , most new users have purchased a few months of use , so the quality is still very good machine , the empty created quite reassuring buyers . Shoppers can save even million, even more when buying this type of machine if you know how to pay the purchase price on the topic , "he shared this .

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