The TransAsia Airways ATR-72 into the air just three minutes, then threw down a highway, brushed off in a taxi and then plunges into the river and sometimes broken.

GE235 flight took off from Taipei airport to go Jinmen yesterday morning at about 10h53 (local time), carrying 53 other acts and five crew members.

According to the Washington Post, shortly after leaving the ground, one of the pilots sent out an emergency signal "Emergency, emergency, engine broken". Then they lost contact with air traffic control.

A few minutes later, the driver traffic on a highway bridge witnessed the spectacle plane staggered front, at an angle of 90 degrees. He brushed off a bridge into a taxi and then plunged down the Keelung River, not far from the airport. Body aircraft broke in two, lying partially protruding out of the water.

The driver of the taxi was on the plane and survived and is known as "the luckiest man". He told a doctor at the hospital that he remembered feeling the same time "absolutely terrified".

"I passed out in my car when it is brushed on," he said.

Rescuers worked through the night to lift the plane determined ashore and rescued 15 people. 31 people were killed and 12 people are still missing.

Anh Ngoc (Video: CTI)