Do not know and do not know who, how lost that battle. With this philosophy Sun Tzu was very successful in its Command and Control. That is the philosophy of thousands of years ago, today the harsh business environment, it is like battlefield. Then the "know yourself, know who" is the key to success.
To analyze the strengths and limitations as well as the opportunities and potential risks of a business. They invented the SWOT model. SWOT is the acronym for the strenghts, Weaknesses (subjective) Opportunities and Threats (objective).

In the establishment of a web page, and you will set up a company. To ensure that your site will be successful, you also need to "know yourself, know who". You have to know what your strengths to focus on the development, where the limitations to overcome. Opportunities will come from nowhere to capture and risks that may occur to avoid.


Strenghts: Strengths

Think this is a subjective element and the reader will think of you or your main competitors in the same market. Avoid falling into the state itself as a strong, try as realistic as possible. When thinking about your strengths, your contact with competitors. For example, you think that your site loads very fast for 2 seconds, but most of the other sites have similar load speed. Then this will not be another strength that would be required. Your strengths are:

Good knowledge of programming languages PHP, ASP ...

Multilingual Information

Much time online

Able financial

Having extensive knowledge about the topic of the site

Weaknesses: Weaknesses

Like in the strenghts, this is the part you list your weaknesses and you should be as realistic as possible.

Know not much to promote website

Not many collaborators

Difficult to cover all the contents

Not good at graphics

Opportunities: Opportunities

Opportunity often comes from the change, so you should pay attention to the possible changes in the near future that your site will benefit from the change. For example, the latter will allow ICANN to register domain names in multiple formats such as .love, .abc, .smith ... can you register a domain name, or any of your own site. You can also look at their strengths and the strengths wonder if this has created opportunity? or look at weaknesses and wondered if overcome this weakness will better opportunity?

New technologies such as Web 2.0, CSS3 will be an opportunity for website

Your opponent will not keep pace with the changing technology

Many new CMS software is made stronger and more friendly rival

Remember, chances are objective factors and it is not in your ability to govern as readers, other websites, Googlebots, alexa rank, PageRank ...

Threats: Risks

The final step is to assess the risks that may occur beyond your ability to influence.

Subject site too wide

The competition site members help write posts

The major sites are subject to change management and less opportunity for you to develop

Content management software has many errors and can be exploited by hackers.


These tips help you create a SWOT

Try to have a realistic picture of the strengths and weaknesses of site establishment SWOT model.

SWOT analysis is to show that evolution of web design, today is like this, but in the future will turn out.

SWOT should be specific and detailed

Always apply the model to competitors see where your strengths and weaknesses better than anywhere.

SWOT is not complicated, as straightforward as possible

After you have set up your SWOT analysis and you can understand the subjective factors and objective will impact on how your site. From there you will know what your strengths to focus on developing and improving weaknesses, taking advantage of opportunities and minimize risks to your site. You can expand the SWOT model by combining alternating elements to see more clearly their strategy.

The Powerful Combination with Opportunity: you can use their strengths to take advantage of upcoming opportunities? as in the example above, if you are good at programming language, then you must be familiar with web 2.0 and CSS3 is not at all difficult for you

The powerful combination with risk: you can use your strengths to avoid or minimize risk? How strong is your financial capability, you can hire someone to write articles to minimize the risk of overly broad topic sites may not cover.

Combined with the opportunity Weakness: you can take the opportunity to overcome weaknesses not? Your opportunities are many content management software and maturity, you can use a professional interface available on its ability to travel or cover less of your graphics.

Combined with risk Weakness: you have to do to overcome weaknesses and avoid risks that may occur? create new relationships to overcome weaknesses unrelated wide and narrow the topic to your website easy to broader.