And there is one website to complete the data, the content provider customers before the design is essential. The goal is for the company to provide website design services can accurately capture the content of the site from which to web design ideas that best suits the business.

Here are some suggestions for your company prepared information can help us better understand the requirements when designing websites.

1. Information submitted to the formats: Microsoft Word files, image files, mail ... (unicode support).

Information sent to the Word file format, file photo, mail ...

2. Structure of the page (module) is shown as a tree or folder.

For example:

I. Home

II. Products (abbreviated SP)

Gen. 1

            SP Group A

                        Products 1 (pictures and information)

                        Products 2 (images and related information)


SP Group B

                        Products 1 (pictures and information)

                        Products 2 (images and related information)


Gen. 2


III. The news

IV. The service

V. ...

These data need to be prepared to design website 01

3. Ask if present at each site with

4. Logo - Slogan: corel files or Photoshop file, this file you can ask the old unit has been designed provide cap.Neu no, please give us the image file (.jpg, .gif, .png) or business card template.

5. The design advertising (source files):

- File name card (cards)

- File brochure

- Catalog file

- File introduce your company profile.

- ...

6. related images:

- Picture Company

- Pictures of products

- The service

- Buildings

- ...

7. The article introduces the company, services ... Based on the suggestions as:

- Introduction of company (licensed, registered professions)

- Team personnel, organizational structure

- Introduction Board of Directors

- Functions.

- Achievements.

- Policies activities

- Development Orientation

- Meaning logo, brand

- Vision, mission

- ...

After the information is prepared both parties need to have a direct meeting to agree to the request of the website.

These data need to be prepared to design website 03

Thank you for the trust company and decide VINATECH unit Website design and development for enterprises. You rest assured, we will endeavor to create a product that customers most satisfied.

We look forward to the cooperation of the company.

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