When Lenovo spent U.S. $ 2.9 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, shares of Chinese technology firms immediately fell 16%. However, look at the IBM business 10 years ago, buying and selling moves can be seen as aspiring to dominate the smartphone sector in the future of Lenovo.


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When Google Motorola Mobility sold to Lenovo , many argued that the search company is the world's largest threw the " Department of creditors ' hands go to battle with Samsung . During recent years , Motorola Mobility lost repeatedly . Only in the last quarter , the mobile unit has " thrown away " 248 million dollars . However, the data analyzed in more detail to see that Google will show more interest in this business billions , but that in 2011 spent 12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility .

That irony . Of course , no amount of U.S. $ 2.9 billion for the sale of all things related to Motorola Mobility . Google still retains much of Motorola Mobility 's patents , while Lenovo will own 2,000 patents after taking over the mobile parts . Does Lenovo have followed the "elder " Acer , Asus and most recently HP - each array jump from PC to smartphone production and failed miserably ?

ThinkPad lessons

Back in 2004 when parts manufacturer Lenovo purchased IBM computer for $ 1.75 billion , many people have wondered " Lenovo is who ? " Even though it is large firms in China and India but Lenovo has not even present in the West . Meanwhile, the article only to Lenovo ThinkPad is falling prices . It should be noted that at that time, the ThinkPad is the brand business circle computer use . So when Lenovo intends to ordinary chemical product line is high , many people believe that they will fail that lessons HP merged with Compaq is still very new .

In fact, the predictions did not happen . While Compaq merger threatened " tear " HP is Lenovo to retain not only the quality but also boost ThinkPad segment product and become the largest PC maker in the world by 2013. That same year , the world's PC segment sales decreased 11 % in general but not Lenovo unaffected . The company grew 17 consecutive quarter , increasing revenue , increasing profitability and cash flow has increased so " terrible " .

In fact, Lenovo was very confident in the field of computing . Last January , the company announced the purchase to other major business segment of IBM - which is the x86 server business unit with $ 2.3 billion. Like former PC division , Lenovo is expected to promote this product line not only in America but also reaching out to other markets .

Ambition to dominate the smartphone

Few doubt that the maker Lenovo smartphone has the fastest growth rate of the world and currently sit in fourth place . Sales increased by 132 % and Lenovo is now the second largest smartphone manufacturing China . At this point , many people " deja vu " that with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility , Lenovo is clearly ambitious song takes to succeed as it did with the ThinkPad .

This is based entirely by the department but was losing money but if you look at the recent changes of Motorola Mobility , we again see plenty of bright spots .

First, after 2 years of hands Google , Motorola Mobility has restructured nearly all . The section " surplus " was mercilessly thrown away , instead operating structure more efficient . Although there are " throwing money out the window ," but from now on , the operation of Motorola Mobility clearly more advantageous .

Second, strict control mechanism Google has created many positive changes to the division of Motorola devices . Previously, two major product lines and DROID RAZR is considered to lack sufficient emphasis by all kinds of styles , sizes and repeatedly decry users . Now, we focus only for two products : Moto Moto X and G. The first product line is receiving positive response and is considered to be moving in the right direction . Google also appreciated the launch of KitKat upgrade to Android 4.4 devices line for months before its comparison with competitors .

Next to , Lenovo will greatly benefit from the restructuring which Google did with Motorola Mobility . The company can use this strength to compete with rival Samsung after this .

After taking over Motorola Mobility , Lenovo has immediate 6% of the global smartphone market and its ambition was to reach the tablet segment , especially in the Eastern market . According to Strategy Analytics , Lenovo will become the third largest smartphone producer in the world in terms of the number of devices sold. The immediate rivals that the firm will need to overcome include: HTC , LG , Sony and BlackBerry .

If you look you can see how Google rarely have to do business with a loser , and in cases where Lenovo is never . Google will own approximately 750 million shares of Motorola Mobility after sold to Lenovo .

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