For schools, educational institutions and training need school website design, website for preschool to help parents manage their children's viewing and playing at school how, system camera operation 24/24. Currently, there are many private kindergartens were established, in which you can be a member of this community.

Thus, you need to compete with other preschools in the area of teaching quality, service, teaching environment, ... to create credibility, confidence in the parents sinh.Mot in the way you have advantages compared with other preschool kindergarten web is set to introduce to our customers. When you have your own website, you can provide information about the activities of students through classroom camera system. This is one of the factors that parents are interested and wish to actually want to monitor their children's activities like preschool to spare.

Website templates for preschool;

Mẫu website về trường mầm non

Website templates preschool (photo: website design company)

Functions required to design a nursery school website is:

Interpretation Leaders Web Administrator
Presenting elegant, simple, user-friendly
The color tone of the Customer under or in pursuance of the company's logo color.
The main menu bar service company
Content displayed mainly: images & content company introduction.
Having made banner image change effect Flash / JavaScript gentle movement.
The main menu module content and then either switchable flexible menu name changes through management systems.
ABOUT 02 Kindergarten
Content introduce preschool as:
Introduction to school.
Capacity, staff, teachers, school equipment
Displayed as content articles, can insert illustrations.
Unlimited categories.
Administrators can add, remove, delete, edit the content and post pictures.
Allows users to register for an account.
The user account can then log on to the website.
The user who can log online to buy products on website
Users must manually check account information before purchase.
Add / Edit / Delete customer accounts.
Automatically save customer information when registering an account.
Show information services company, can be divided into several categories such as:

Services 1
Services 2
Displayed as content articles, can insert illustrations.

Administrators can add, remove, delete, edit the content and post pictures.
Displaying news or news related to the company's internal:

Company News
Related News
Message Promotions
Recruiting News
Displayed as content articles, can insert illustrations.

Administrators can add, remove, delete, edit the content and post pictures.
Users can ask questions.
Question of the email sent to the administrator.
Show FAQs Frequently Asked Questions format.
Administrators can add, remove, delete, edit the FAQ.
1 Provide online forms allow customers may send the request, his remarks to the company.
Sample forms include the following information: name, email, title, content contact.
Information will be sent to your e-mail administrator.
Administrators can change contact information.
10 other utilities
a. Providing free account to use the detailed statistics KH manage account
b. Banner advertisements, website links:
Can place banner ads, logos partners, link in the module positions available on the website administrator can add, remove, remove the banner.
c. About us via email:
Customers can send the current page to your friends via email
d. Online Support:
- Yahoo
- Skype administrator can change nick Yahoo and Skype
e. Rate: taken from Vietcombank
- Gold Rate
- Exchange
f. Exploration tastes:
- With the vote
- The user selects an answer, the system will statistically comments. Management questions and answers in administration
g. Visitor Statistics:
- The number of website visitors
- Number of guests are online. Administrators can reset as needed
h. Search for:
- Search by keyword relevant
- Search by name, product code (if you use the cart)
i. Other Necessary Information:
- Languages: English, Vietnamese or more.
- Hosting: Linux
- Languages: PHP, mySQL
- Tools: Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, CSS, ... Language:
- English
- Vietnamese
- Management System CMS
Process design for preschool website includes the following steps:

Phase 1: Collect customer information
Learn the practical requirements of customers.
- Confirmation of customer requests for Web pages and other information supplied by clients.
Stage 2: Stage analysis
- Based on the information and requirements of the clients website design, analysis JBS clear purpose, requirements and expectations of customers.
- Planning for project implementation
- Based on the survey results, customer information provided by JBS set design for website structure and design for the whole system.
Phase 3: Design Phase
- Review of detailed requirements and conduct design website
- Carry handle photographic effects, collect relevant documents
- Check to ensure that product aesthetics and consistency.
Phase 4: Construction Phase
- Develop database-based design.
- Draft document content, content editing and finishing on the website.
- Integrated systems: assembly design analysis, programming content into a product.
- To inspect, modify and implement internal checking
Stage 5: Stage commissioning
- Integrated content, building system design.
- Check and correct.
- Assembly services for software design ensures faultless software design and works well.
- Test the system within 01 weeks.
- Check and correct.
Stage 6: Stage test
- Customers browse projects: quality customer approval of the project.
- Upload System ensures the system runs fine.
Stage 7: Phase transfer
- Hand over to customers (CD source)
- Training and coaching clients website administrators effectively
- Evaluate and maintenance.